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About the company

 Established in Qatar in 2002, Al Jaber & Partners Construction & Energy Projects W.L.L. (AJP)

Al Jaber & Partners was founded in Qatar to focus on the booming infrastructure market in the country and has seen its reputation rise to become one of the market leaders.

Al Jaber & Partners (AJP) strives to provide its clients with enhanced levels of customer satisfaction, superior quality workmanship, aggressive scheduling and competitive pricing.

Its success is measured by team performance, client responsiveness, strategic growth, exceptional quality and consistent results, all of which enable AJP to continue building an unmatched reputation for excellence.

In simple terms, the company’s clients have the vision to imagine truly innovative projects, and AJP has the expertise and resources to make their vision a reality. No matter how revolutionary or complex the project, AJP is here to build it for you. In point of fact, as a local contractor with extraordinary resources and support, few companies can match its ability to meet a client’s needs, consequently, the company’s goal for every project is the same: build it safely, on time, on budget and with no surprises.

Its strength lies in its ability to utilize the varied divisions within the Group to support and complement each other; therefore, it is Company policy to continuously look at new markets and technical innovations in order to maintain its pre-eminent position and market leadership. As a result, a few of the Group’s projects don't fall into any particular category, but that's all right – its engineers like a challenge and have the experience and expertise to cope with any type and size of project.

Moreover, because the company has extensive EPC experience it can carry out engineering works in-house. This allows AJP to offer clients the most cost beneficial and fully utilized structures for their needs.

One of the things that clients really appreciate about working with AJP is how much they enjoy the day-to-day involvement of senior management on their projects, who take a very active role in each phase of the work as it progresses.

Working safely is a notable and underlying value at AJP and its commitment to an incident and injury free environment influences the way it thinks, the way it plans, the way it behaves and, perhaps most importantly, the way it works.

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